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The goal of this GNUstep developers session is to get to known each other (human networking doesn't do any harm :-), exchange our experience and knowledge, learn about unknown aspects of GNUstep (there are still things you don't know, do you ?), speak about where we are and where we want to go. And, above all, have fun!

All the leading developers will attend this forum so this is a great opportunity to learn more about GNUstep right from the source. The suggested conferences are not expected to be a "one-to-many" kind of talk but rather something like an introductory talk by the speaker for a couple of minutes and then an open discussion with the other developers.


If you are not on the list and would like to attend please contact Dennis Leeuw.
Name E-mail Comment
Aurelien  ? aurelien@fractals.be
Raphael Bauduin rb@raphinou.com
Martin Brecher martin@stupid-design.com
Richard Dale Richard_Dale@tipitina.demon.co.uk
Adam Fedor fedor@doc.com
Richard Frith-Macdonald richard@tiptree.demon.co.uk
Lars Helldorf LHelldorf@kabel.de
Laurent Julliard laurent@moldus.org
Fred Kiefer (*) FredKiefer@gmx.de
Yann Le Guen yann.le-guen@wanadoo.fr
Denis Leeuw dleeuw@made-it.com
Willem Rein Oudshoorn  woudshoo@xs4all.nl
Nicola Pero nicola@brainstorm.co.uk
Stéphane Peron stephane.peron@dcmc.creditlyonnais.fr
Pierre-Yves Rivaille pyrivail@ens-lyon.fr
Philippe C.D. Robert (*) phr@3dkit.org
Chris B. Vetter chrisv@web4inc.com
Fabien VALLON fabien.vallon@fr.alcove.com

(*) Not 100% sure


Time slot: Saturday February 16th, 2001 - 14:00 - 18:00
Room: (waiting for FOSDEM organizers input)

This is only a draft list. If you would like to see other topics covered, please tell us. If you want to give a talk yourself on another subject tell us as well.The format of the sessions is expected to be very informal: the speaker will introduce the subject with some slides and then enter in a dialog mode with the rest of the developers.

Laurent Julliard < laurent@moldus.org>
Dennis Leeuw <dleeuw@made-it.com>
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